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Brazilian Keratin Pure professional kit COCOCHOCO

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COCOCHOCO bargain bundle of two products:
• 1000 ml Pure Brazilian Keratin
• 400 ml Clarifying Shampoo More

Manufacturer: COCOCHOCO ProfessionalProduct code: SADA12 Shipping and Payment Weight: 1.4 kg

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COCOCHOCO bargain bundle of two products:
• 1000 ml Pure Brazilian Keratin
• 400 ml Clarifying Shampoo More

Manufacturer: COCOCHOCO ProfessionalProduct code: SADA12 Shipping and Payment Weight: 1.4 kg

Is the Pure Small Bundle of Brazilian Keratin with Clarifying Shampoo the right choice for you?

This bundle, containing 1000 ml Pure Brazilian Keratin and 400 ml Clarifying Shampoo, consists of the basic two products you will need for proper application.

Brazilian Keratin will provide a premium treatment for your hair, while the Clarifying Shampoo is necessary to wash the hair before applying Brazilian Keratin and thus prepare it for the application itself. This set is suitable for one treatment.

What benefits will the magic of keratin bring you?

Natural COCOCHOCO Brazilian Keratin straightens your beloved hair without changing its structure

It acts where there are damaged hair fibres in the internal structure, strengthens and heals the cuticle, gives hair its necessary elasticity and provides comprehensive care

After application in the comfort of your home, the simplicity of which you can see here, you will be able to boast of perfectly straight, smooth and silky hair which will allow you to shine

The hair will not only be beautiful to look at, but also soft to the touch. It will be richly nourished, regenerated and full of vitality from the inside, giving it a dazzlingly healthy appearance on the outside.

And that will last for 3-4 months

Discover the riches hidden in COCOCHOCO Pure Brazilian Keratin

A unique composition - that's what COCOCHOCO Pure Brazilian Keratin conceals. It contains natural keratin, cocoa extract, minerals from the Dead Sea, plant extracts and beneficial regenerating oils.

On the other hand, it does not contain any harmful substances, thioglycolic acid or formaldehyde. Do you want to discover even more of the secrets of COCOCHOCO Brazilian Keratin? Then enter the world of keratin care.

How much keratin is ideal for your hair?

The amount of Brazilian Keratin applied always depends on the length, density, degree of damage and overall condition of your hair. The average consumption per application is approximately 70-80 ml.

To give you an idea, we have provided an average estimate of consumption. However, do not forget that the actual amount used is always determined by the condition of your hair.

Approximately how much Brazilian Keratin you will need?

  • If you have a short original haircut, then it will be about 50-60 ml
  • If you are the proud owner of medium-length hair, then prepare approximately 70-80 ml
  • If you are happy with long hair that you are not willing to give up, then you will need approximately 80-120 ml

Treat yourself to the perfect keratin treatment

Invite other hair aids to join the natural Brazilian Keratin. In the first step, COCOCHOCO Clarifying Shampoo, without which COCOCHOCO Brazilian Keratin cannot be applied. The shampoo cleans your hair thoroughly and prepares it perfectly for application. Keratin can thus perfectly penetrate the hair‘s structure and provide it with nutrition and care.

Once you enjoy beautifully nourished and perfect looking hair after application, don't forget that we have something to support and prolong the effects of application to the maximum, so that your joy from beautiful hair lasts as long as possible. This is provided by the unbeatable duo of shampoo and conditioner for aftercare.

Are you already looking forward to treating yourself to a pampering hair ritual that will make your dream of gorgeous hair come true? Then read our friendly clear guide to the application of Brazilian Keratin, which will definitely help you to find your way during treatment. With just a glance you will always know what to do and how.