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Have you ever tried combing your wet, messy hair? If you didn't succeed, did you have to tug a bit with the brush to get it out of the tangled strands at all? Congratulations, you probably broke and ruined your hair. If you've noticed that your dry, smoothly combed hair has strange tufts of individual hairs that mysteriously end in the middle of the head and curl outwards, it's probably the result of such careless combing.

Wet hair is very fragile and vulnerable and needs to be treated like gold! Caution is definitely in order, because if you treat your wet hair roughly on a regular basis, this could be why it always breaks off at your shoulders and never grows longer.

So what should you avoid doing so that you don’t, albeit unknowingly, damage your hair in such a way that it cannot be repaired?

Don't go to bed with wet hair

Hair rubs against the sheets for several hours in bed, which causes mechanical damage and it can start to fray and break. In addition, when you lie on wet hair, it cannot dry naturally, so it steams and suffocates between head and the pillow. You are dealing with serious problems not only with your hair, but also with your scalp. While itching is the least that can happen to you. It is much harder to get rid of mould.

Do not comb wet hair unnecessarily

Do not brush wet hair unless it’s absolutely necessary. Fan it with a hair dryer, gently lifting it from the head and lightly dry them. You can also divide and comb it with your fingers. But avoid pulling, tugging and combing at all costs.


Never braid wet hair!

Just like the case of going to bed with a wet head - tied hair cannot dry naturally. Which means it is steamed and stays moist for much longer. If you want to develop dandruff, some kind of eczema, or dermatitis, you should definitely go with that tight braid on wet hair.

Do not fasten wet hair with a metal clip or hairgrip

You already know that you should not comb wet hair or wrap it too tightly in a towel. This is because it is fragile, easily broken and torn. Now imagine cutting it in half with a metal clip. Breaking hair with the sharp edge of the clip is a certainty in this case.