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As official and exclusive distributors we represent on European market the Israeli hair cosmetics COCOCHOCO Professional which gained popularity all around the world and which is currently the number 1 on the market of keratin hair treatment.

Our priority is the sale of the highest-quality cosmetics and customer services provided at the top level - your satisfaction is very important to us. That is why we guarantee that hairdressing products COCOCHOCO Professional are extremely effective in hair regeneration and are safe - we put them through regular tests and quality inspection.



About the COCOCHOCO Professional brand


Guarantee of long lasting revitalisation and rejuvenation of your hair. A GENTLE FORMULA WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS: tested and perfect combination of natural ingredients, including the extract from cocoa tree, pure keratin and 24c gold.


Soon after the beginning of treatment. Highly concentrated ingredients of the formula provide complete rejuvenation of your hair in one and a half hours.
These products naturally contain protein that restructures and renews your hair, together with the natural substances used to activate this protein; including the extract from cocoa tree, pure keratin or 24c gold.
This process allows each hair to absorb the healing substances easily throughout the full length of the uniform structure of the hair.
The high temperature of the hair straightener helps the active ingredients have effect inside the hair.


It is certainly the most efficient of all regenerating products over the last decade. It is the result of an innovative technology based on years of a thorough and comprehensive development.
A wide range of branded products contains this magical protein. They include shampoos, face creams, serums and lotions.
After obtaining the great results with this rejuvenating system of this brand, it is recommended to treat your hair with regular use of other products of the brand to achieve its required level in the hair.
The advanced formula that transforms your tired hair to flat, smooth and shiny hair.
The main component - keratin - is the usual basis for healthy skin, nails and hair. The keratin extract gives your hair natural, healthy look.


It is a world-famous therapy, called the Brazilian Blowout, for revitalised, fine and renewed hair.
This process was invented in Brazil, where many women complained about the fatigued, worn, wavy hair, caused by the continuous influence of sun and moisture. This is exactly what this brand does with your hair - brings back the appearance of strong, healthy hair which are much easier to condition after the treatment.
This process is based on the application of the major component in the structure of your hair with high temperature, so that all damaged cells absorb the healing substances in a short time.
Artificial, chemical treatments commonly used in hair shops are now outdated! The branded treatment is based only on natural ingredients that do not cause long-term damage to your hair.